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The textbook and lectures discussed the professional characteristics important to nursing.

  • Describe three characteristics of professional nurses.
  • Which one characteristic would you say is the most important and why? 

Here are the characteristics important to nursing. Describe three of them and explain why would you say is the most important one.

Here are the important characteristics of nursing.

• An educational background is required for professional practice in nursing so as to ensure safe and effective practice.

• Nursing professionals need to demonstrate greater knowledge and understanding of ANA’s Code of Ethics for Nurses.

• A periodic review of the ethical provisions and their interpretive statements is an important responsibility of all professional nurses.

• Communication and publication are important characteristics of professional nursing.

• Community service is also a characteristic of professional nursing, in which nurses reach out to

others with information.


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Research TOPIC: DBT Intervention on Substance Abuse Population USING THE UPLOADED TABLES AND GRAPHS, RESPOND TO THE QUESTION BELOW I. Results (1–2 pages A. Using desсrіptive statistics, describe the demographic characteristics of your sample, e.g., age, race, sex, and so forth. B. Using at least one or more statistical tests you think appropriate, describe the results of your data analysis to answer your evaluation question(s). II. Discussion of Results (2–3 pages) A. What do these findings mean? What could account for these findings other than the intervention? B. How do the limitations of the study (the design, instrument, sample, reliability, validity) influence findings?