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I need help responding to the questions in the attached document.TL2 – Professional Collaboration

I need help responding to the questions in the attached document.

TL2 – Professional Collaboration

Objective: Learners will identify skills that will assist them in collaborating with various professional on their campus.  



“It starts with being grateful. Once we have learned to practice being grateful, it changes our lives.”  – Flip Flippen


As an educator, you will be required to work with a variety of other professionals on your campus as part of a team. It will be important to know the proper channels for communication to successfully integrate into your new community!  

In your textbook, 
First Year Teachers Survival Guide:

Go to your text, First Year Teachers Survival Guide > Read “Collaborate with Colleagues in your School Community” – pp. 65-79.


Assume you have a disgruntled veteran co-worker you work with every day. They have been in the school for 10 years and seem to dislike the administration, feel unsupported and complain to you a lot.  The teacher also undermines the climate of the school with gossip about colleagues and does not follow the discipline and grading processes established at the school. Write out your response on how you will address this teacher as you do not want to be seen as a supported or partner of these actions in the eyes of the principal or other staff members of the school?



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