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In his essay, ‘ in Praise of Theory’ Bela Balazs writes (p.19),” This is all the more important as what is at stake is not merely the proper valuation of the film, but the fate of the film itself, for this depends upon our appreciation, and we are responsible for it. It has always been the rule in the history of art and culture that the two were functions of each other in dialectical interaction. Art educated the taste of the public, and the better taste of the public demanded and rendered possible the development of art to higher levels.” He is advocating for the value of theory here as he sees it connected to the future of films progress and development. .

In your own words, explain what he means here by film and theory being in ‘dialectical interaction.’ And from your own experience of reading theory (at this point you have read quite a bit, even just in this class), reflect upon how your understanding of or exposure to some theoretical concept has changed your experience of using, consuming, interacting or watching media. Be specific and use examples. If you are struggling to find or use some theoretical concept, use the ideas of ‘realism’ or ‘formalism’. (250words)

Response to your peer’s discussion with 50 words.