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In Lesson 3 you promoted yourself, this week you will promote someone else. As a sports information, or public relations person in the sports industry, you will write a lot of news/press releases. Simply working in the sports industry, you will read a lot of them too. Either way, you should be familiar with, and know how to write, these releases.
Please read the Week 7 lesson, and sample news releases. Write your own news release for this week’s forum. The news release must be written directly in the forum, DO NOT upload it in a Word document. The goal is to make it easy for your classmate to read your news release, and uploading increases the necessary steps to get there.
When commenting on your classmates’ posts, focus on whether you were able to garner all the necessary information about the person, place, or thing based on the release. If there’s information missing, or something you do not understand, be sure to ask about it. If the release drew you in and made you want to learn more about the person, place, or thing, let your classmate know that too!