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In task 4-3, you will submit a 4-page paper in Word that defines the style and silhouette direction. Find silhouettes for this assignment by reviewing designer lines at firstVIEW and This task will be graded with the Style and Silhouette Rubric.

For this milestone, define the style and silhouette direction of a fashion forecasting presentation. Keep in mind the target customer of your fashion company. This assignment will be based on fall/winter trends of next year.

Review designer lines at firstView and Begin your paper with a description of the style and silhouette direction that correlates to the theme you have chosen for your final project.

Create three silhouettes, one per page, to specify three looks in total (only one can be a dress). All of the looks/silhouettes picked should look like they hang together in a clothing store. Devise and assign a style number or a name for each silhouette (only give numbers or names to clothing).