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In this assignment you are combining assignments 1-4 into a powerpoint presentation to pitch your idea/ concept to a potential customer. Your assignment or presentation must include an executive summary and must be
creative, attractive and include all of the assignments you have completed. Please see the rubric in the dropbox for more details.
This powerpoint
should include:
Your executive summary (communicating your theme, demographic, purpose, ect..
Your menu.
Your standard recipes.
Your ingredient consolidation list.
Your recipe costings.
Your plate plants and rental requirements.
Note: While you will have information about items 1-5, you need to complete your plate plans, table setting and rental
before you complete your powerpoint
presentation. You can copy and paste illistrations of your plate plans, table settings and rental requirements
directly into powerpoint
OR into word then use the image in powerpoint.You will not be required to give a presentation, only submit the powerpoint file.
The power point
presentation should also be creative and attractive so as a client would accept or choose to use your business for their purposes.
This can be accomplished through good use of:
Multimedia (if applicable)
Creative slide design.
Creative transitions.
Music should you choose.
For other instructions and ideas please watch the videos provided.
Follow this link when ordering your porcelain, glassware and cutlery
for your table /place setting.