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In this assignment, you need to identify only two main issues related to unemployment and/or inflation. You can choose two unemployment related issues, or two inflation related issues, or one unemployment related issue and one inflation related issues. Then you are going to study their past trends, provide an overview of their current status, and provide solutions to overcome them. You will use data, articles, experts opinions, and government reports to draw a clear picture of the current unemployment and inflation issues.
Unemployment rates among young college graduates
Unemployment rates among Black and Hispanic communities
State which macroeconomic policy (monetary policy or fiscal policy) might resolve the issues you highlighted above, and state how this policy could be implemented and why it would solve these problems.
Finally, provide your own solution. Basically, answer the following question.
What would you do to solve the macroeconomic issues you addressed if you were in charge of the U.S. economy? State why.