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In this assignment, you will help Carol Gardner develop an aggregate staffing plan to meet the projected requirements for the next year. Carol provides you with the following information.Hi there, Im Carol. Ive been trying to determine the best overall plan for staffing next year. The options include using overtime, agency nurses, and hiring additional nurses for peak periods. Maybe there is a combination of these three that yields the best overall solution. The Administration would be delighted if we save some money. Did you realize that nursing salaries are the biggest line item on our budget? Any plan you can come up with will be welcome. Just be sure to include your rationale. Please use the Demand for Nurses data (select Medical/Surgical Dept) on the website. You will also find Planning Data (select Medical/Surgical Dept) to make your calculations.I have thought of three simple plans, which I want you to examine first. Thenyou can develop your own, improved plan. In Plan 1, vary the work force level to meet exactly the demand requirements by hiring or firing nurses each month. Do not use any overtime. In Plan 2, staff at a level that allows you to meet the demand during peak periods by working overtime up to a maximum of 25
% of the regular time worked. In Plan 3, staff for the minimum nursing hours (that is, the number of nurses you would need if they worked maximum overtime) but do not allow them to work any overtime, instead use agency (subcontract) nurses to meet additional requirements. For your improved plan,you may consider any combination of the above that will provide a better overall plan.Assignment Questions For Chapter 13
1. Evaluate plans 1, 2, and 3, and write up your conclusions in a memo that Gardner can share with the Nursing Council. Evaluate each plan in terms of customer service, cost, operational implementation, and human resource issues.
2. Develop your own plan for next year, evaluate it, and explain why you believe it is a better plan.