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In this discussion, pick
film to write about and answer questions below the film descriptions.
*See film options attached*
Answer the following questions once you have watched the film:
Describe the specific theories, assumptions, or “schools of thought” that the characters in the film have. How do their schools of thought differ?
How do the main characters change over the course of a film? How do their goals or desires change? Do they see themselves differently by the end of the film?
Which reflective theory from the course best illustrates the process the main characters go through during the film? How so?
Would you say that the main characters evolved or grew after learning something that was new, or a new approach, a new theory, or a new understanding of their place in the world?
Refrain from reiterating the plot line. Rather, stay focused on character changes and the influences on those changes.
Be sure to refer to the readings; use proper citations!