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Instructions: Analyze the scenario and the data provided to create your CRM to address the problems you identify in the template provided.

Checklist: Create a CRM Plan addressing the following:

· Write a synopsis of the problems.

· State the SMART goals to resolve the problems.

· Describe alignment of mission to market and branding.

· Outline training of staff.

· Explain how you will create brand awareness.

· Provide opportunities for product testing.

· Identify customer touch points and explain how addressed.

· Describe promotion of IW to create brand loyalty.

· Explain how you will create value for customers from their point of view.

· Provide a follow-up and summary of your plan.

Respond in 2–3 pages (minimum 600–800 words) in the template using APA format and citation style.  Submit your response to the Unit 9 Assignment Dropbox.