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Imagine that you have just been hired to be the campaign
manager for an
individual who is running for a Senate seat in your state, and
your candidate
expects you to hit the ground running by developing a political
campaign plan.
While you will not be expected to develop a full plan for the
purposes of this
course, you will begin thinking about how your campaign would
handle the media
and public opinion polls. This very basic plan will consist of
the following
Strategic Summary: In this section, you will discuss
the goals
of your campaign, and you will describe the campaigns strategy for
the election, including how you will utilize the media and public
polls during your campaign. Describe how the media influences the
public and
the impact that polling has on politics.
Targeting: In this section, you will discuss
which voters you
will need to target in order to win the election. How will you
connect with
voters of specific socioeconomic statuses and/or voters of certain
and backgrounds? How are voting practices and political participation
affected by culture, background, and socioeconomic status?
This assignment will consist of at least one page, and you
must utilize at
least two resources. Your resources should be cited and
referenced properly
using APA formatting. Feel free to be as creative as you