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  1. Instructions:
    Step 1: Complete the following prewriting activities in your Webtext.
    Week 1: Select Your Topic
    Week 2: Develop Your Position and Draft Your Supporting Points
    Week 3: Research Organizer
    Step 2: Download and Edit Your Work
    Download: Select Your Topic
    Complete all of the activities and templates in your Webtext. Then download your Prewriting & Research Packet from the Webtext. (*** You will need to finish all writing templates before you are able to download the packet)
    Edit Your Work
    Run your Microsoft Word document through Grammarly to identify and correct any issues with grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and style. NOTE: Refer to the Webtext to learn how to sign up for and use Grammarly.
    Remember to remove all of the Grammarly comments and underlined words before you submit! 
    Submit to Blackboard
    Go to week 3 in your course and upload yourPrewriting & Research Packet
    Congratulations, you are well on your way to writing a great persuasive paper!
    Click here to view a video tutorial on your writing activity.
    Grading for this activity will be based on the following rubric found here:
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