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Integrating Social Studies Activities [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. There is a substantial amount of content that a teacher is expected to teach in several academic subject areas each year. All too often, social studies education may not make the cut for what is most important to teach. For this reason, many educators are integrating social studies concepts into other content areas with great success. In this assignment, you will practice integrating social studies concepts into the instruction of other content areas.

    Consider the early childhood age group (i.e., toddler-Pre-K, kindergarten-Grade 1, or Grades 2-3) and locate 2 instructional activities to teach an early childhood social studies lesson in two different disciplines (1 per activity):

    • Civics
    • Economics
    • Geography
    • History
    • Integrate each activity with at least 1 other content area (e.g., mathematics, science, reading and language arts, art, or physical education).

      Write a 350-word description for each activity that includes the following:

    • Name/title of the activity
    • Selected early childhood age group
    • Content areas addressed
    • National or state standards addressed
    • Learning objectives
    • Description of the activity, including materials needed
    • Accommodations for diverse learners
    • Multicultural considerations