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The objective of this assignment is to provide the opportunity to learn and utilize new functionality in the development of a spreadsheet workbook and analyze the results in order to make a sound business decision.
You are the Productions Manager responsible for the development of widgets, jobbers, and, thing-a-ma-jigs. Your company has enjoyed exclusive rights to supply these products for several years and it is your responsibility to ensure your customers continue to be happy with the products and services by meeting their ordered demand. Each of the products you produce has a different manufacturing team.
Your customer has determined their weekly needs for materials and provided you with a spreadsheet contained in the file “need em parts” (supplied by instructor).
You have tracked your weekly deliveries and this information has been added to the file in the column titled “delivered”.
The customer has contacted your supervisor and expressed concern over the ability to meet their demand for materials.
Your supervisor has requested you provide the following:
1) Perform an analysis of the number of Widgets, Jobbers and Thing-a-ma-jigs delivered from the beginning of the year until now. Calculate the following information, using cell arithmetic, and put it in the table of the provided workbook titled Analysis:
a) Total accumulated Orders and Delivered items for each product.
b) Calculate the difference between the total accumulated weekly orders and total accumulated weekly delivered items.
c) Change the format of the date field to be in the mm/dd/yy format.
d) All number fields should contain the “,” separator for numbers larger than 1,000.
2) Generate a single line chart (graph) to show the weekly difference(3 columns) for each of the products. Make sure your chart contains the following:
a) Chart on a separate worksheet titled “Difference Chart”.
b) Legend at the bottom with the names each product.
c) Proper axis labels (e.g., dates for the X axis).
d) Appropriate chart title.
3) Generate a written report describing containing the following:
a) Summary – Short explanation of the reason you are writing the memo.
b) Methodology – Explanation of the use of the spreadsheet and the steps used to analyze the data.
c) Findings – Conclusions drawn from analyzing the data.
d) Recommendations – Actions recommended to your supervisor.
5) Both files must contain your name in the filename (e.g., Mosher Tool 2)