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It’s all in the presentation…..
The final product will be a paper that is:
1-2 double-spaced, APA formatted pages that discuss why you selected the four area’s you have below for your slide presentation, and why you didn’t select the others!, and:
A slide presentation on no less than three slides, and no more than ten, based on the topic below.
The requirement for your assignment is: You are creating slides for a presentation that is being given to seek a research contract with Lego, the leading toy manufacturer. Considering the following aspects of your presentation (introduction, problem to be solved, market opportunity, technology, manufacturing/production, financials, conclusion), create slides representing four of these areas using Exhibit 20-13.
>Exhibit 20-13 Using Key Word Prompts as a Substitute for Notes

Key Word Prompt
Presentation Script
1st HDTV

The 2012 London Olympics were the first to use HDTV

freeze-frame technology.
3 times

London has hosted the Olympics three times, more than

any other city.
22 medals,

Michael Phelps increased his total Olympic medals to 22,
greatest Olympian
19 of them gold, swimming in three Olympics—Sidney,

Beijing, and London.
204 countries

204 countries were represented in the 2012 London

10,960 athletes

10,960 athletes competing in the 2012 London Olympics.
80,000 seats

London Olympic Stadium was configured to hold 80,000

for the opening ceremony.
160,000 tons

Londoners moved tons of soil to create the London

Aquatic Center.
Sources: “Facts and figures about the
Olympic Park,” accessed July 28, 2012
“How many countries are involved in the 2012 Olympics?,” accessed July 28, 2012 (
“London 2012 Olympic athletes: The full list,” The Guardian Datablog, accessed July 28, 2012
NBC news coverage of the Michael Phelps swimming events, August 4, 2012.