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KE 4050 assessment 2 topic verteran affairs1Assessment 02 – Ethical and Policy Factors in CareCoordination For this assessment, select a

KE 4050 assessment 2

topic verteran affairs


Assessment 02 – Ethical and Policy Factors in Care


For this assessment, select a community organization or group that you feel would be interested
in learning about ethical and policy issues that affect the coordination of care. Then, develop
and record a 10–12-slide, 20-minute presentation, with audio, intended for that audience.
Create a detailed narrative script or speakers notes for your presentation, 4–5 pages in length.

Before you complete the instructions detailed in the courseroom, first select one of the following
community organizations or groups:

• Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA): GLMA is a national leader in LGBTQ+
health issues and provides a free-to-the-public listing of LGBTQ+-friendly practices in the
United States.

• Veterans Affairs (VA): The VA has an LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Coordinator (VCC) in
every VA health care system to help LGBTQ+ veterans get the care they need. The VCC
can answer questions, advocate for patients’ right to quality care, and help patients get
started with services for LGBTQ+ veterans.

After you have selected one of the problems/issues from the list above, return to the detailed
instructions in the courseroom to complete your assessment.

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