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Knock-and-announce vs. No-Knock Search Warrants
Debate the police use of force in executing search warrants coming down to an analysis of two classifications of entry into a residence or building. Follow the links below and discuss the following questions.
Legal Information Institute: Knock and Announce Rule
Legal Information Institute: No-Knock Warrant
Legal Information Institute: United States v. Banks
1. Based on the definition of No-Knock warrants and Knock-and-announce warrants, explain the pros and cons of each type of entry.
2. Which type of entry allows force to be used? No-Knock or Knock-and-announce?
3. In the case of United States v. Banks, how much time was Banks given to come to the door?
4. What was the Supreme Courts ruling on the amount of time given by police for Banks to come to the door?
5. Based on what you have learned about search warrant entries, what is the fundamental difference between a No-Knock warrant and a Knock-and-announce warrant?