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Let’s continue our work with our original hypothesis and discovering ways to test this.  Thus far, you have presented an experimental approach and a non-experimental or correlational approach to test your hypothesis. This week, you will present two research approaches: one that is a quantitative survey approach (i.e. rating scale or restricted questions) and one that is a qualitative approach (interviews, open ended survey, case study, observational etc.).  Make sure to read this week’s lecture before beginning.

Keep in mind that qualitative research may be exploratory and sometimes does not involve hypothesis testing as variables and problems are not defined.  Thus, depending on your qualitative research approach, you may  have a purpose but not a hypothesis this week.

Like last week, you should present your work similar to a research report you might see in a journal. Be as specific as possible to illustrate your understanding of a quantitative survey approach and a qualitative research design. You should include  two complete scenarios. 

Include the following sections with Headers and Subheaders:

Background Information/ Purpose

Include your background paragraph and purpose.

Hypothesis Include your H1 and H0.


Participants  Describe your participants and sample- Apply feedback from Week 3.

Measures Identify your variables (IV and DV) and include how you will measure you variables if this is appropriate , or describe the type of information you will be seeking and how.

Procedure  Present exactly what will occur and how it will occur.

Analysis of Approach  Make sure in the analysis plan to explain the type of methodology you have created.