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Making a decision between two candidates. Which one will get your vote? An election is approaching. You have always been a very critical (define that as “analytical”) voter. Instead of merely pulling a switch for one party or another, you are an informed voter. You study and find out who various candidates are. What is their background? What is their track record? What is their voting record, if they have been in office? Where do they really stand on the issues? What are they like personally? Do they have personal integrity and a lifestyle that backs up what they stand for on the issues? In other words, do they walk their talk? In one race, you face a choice between two candidates which one would you choose? What weighing of values tipped the scale for that candidate for you?
Candidate A – This candidate is an advocate of human rights, including religious rights, voting rights, and other basic rights guaranteed by our Constitution. This candidate promotes peacebuilding, urging concrete, comprehensive alternative strategies to violence that will promote a just and peaceful society. This candidate has a long track record working to promote equality among all people, to remove discrimination from our society, and to find realistic solutions for those who are caught in the cycle of poverty. This candidate has worked as a lower court judge and as an attorney for the NAACP. You know of no moral blemishes related to this candidate.
Candidate B – This candidate is an advocate of a strong defense and a robust infrastructure for our nation, so that all citizens will be protected from harm from within and without and so that opportunities – social and economic – may abound for all people. This candidate believer that with strong businesses in a safe country where the rule of law is followed, then all people who are willing to work will be able to thrive and flourish under the protection provided by the government with fair opportunities for all. This candidate has a long track record in working for the rule of law as D.A. in a large city and as an advisor of the Heritage Foundation. You know of no moral blemishes related to this candidate.
Important. In your discussion post, let everyone remain civil. Let all of us avoid political extremes and name-calling. Stick to the topic. Choose one candidate and tell why you chose one versus the other. This case is not right versus wrong. It is weighing one set of values versus another and having to make a choice, because you can only vote for one candidate.
Study/research suggestions:
Romans 13:1-7
Proverbs 14:34