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 MGMT 2601:11 Business Communication January 2021 Group Assignment Instructions Group Assignment: As a group, you will choose, research, and present a business topic to the class. Any topic as long as it is business related and not illegal is acceptable for the assignment. As example, please do not present on a drug cartel or the business of prostitution. Each group has 5 students and I will assign the groups. Each group will have a Channel in Microsoft Teams where you can communicate and work on your group presentation. Only members of your group receive information on the work you are doing, not the entire class when you are communicating in your Group Channel. Please note I also can check in the Group Channel to see the progress as I have access. I will set up the Group Channels. Your presentation will be in Teams. Format: Presentations will follow the format of an Informative Style group presentation. -All visual, verbal and vocal elements will be taken into account for your grade. -Your group is required to use at least one visual aid in the presentation. One of the visual aids must be in the form of Power Point slides. Each group member can only use two Power Point slides during the presentation but as a group you can also include a cover slide and a closing slide. This means a total of 12 slides if you have 5 members. The group will not share the screen with the PP presentation. -Your group is required to find and cite two sourcesthat relate to your topic in your presentation. The sources must be presented orally during the presentation. In addition, your group will email a typed list of referenced material using APA format on the day you present. The list would include the two cited documents and any others used for your research. -Be prepared to answer questions after your presentation but this is not part of your required time limit. Time Restrictions: Each group will present for 25 minutes on Microsoft Teams. If you are under your team loses points. You have a 2 minute buffer to wrap up but if you go over 27 minutes you also will lose points as a group. Practicing is important! Value: This group project is valued at 25% of your grade so start working now as a group! Note 5 points from the 25 points of the presentation will be graded on your individual presentation. Be sure spread the work evenly as possible to all group members noting that all jobs have a value. You could be researching, or writing or preparing the power point, use the skills your team mates bring to the group. Note that students can have different time allocated within your presentation but no student can present for less than 3 minutes. Date: Group Presentations will begin in late March and I will assign your group’s presentation day prior to that date. -On March 4th, each group is required to email a brief Summary of your presentation including: Group Name/Number, Name & ID Number of all Group Members, Topic and Title of your presentation & a brief Plan of Action with details about your group’s presentation. Tips: -With limited time, it is a good idea to quickly set a date for your first group meeting and set goals for each team member. -Use your Microsoft Teams channel to communicate. Get used to using Microsoft Teams as a group-practice your presentation as it as a group before the date of the presentation. -Always communicate in English so all group members can contribute.