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Module 3 Project Assignment

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The theme for this project is “Women Trailblazers.”   Read Chapters 9 and 10 in America’s Women (pages 188-237). 

READ CHAPTER 9 AND TEN- You will create a Top 6 list of women from  that you believe are Women Trailblazers FROM THOSE TWO CHAPTERS

For each woman, you will write a paragraph explaining what she did and why her actions make her noteworthy. 

Minimum Requirements:

Six women from the Module content clearly identified.

Explanation of what each woman did- accomplishments, achievements, notoriety, etc.

Justification for placing her on your Top 6 List included.

Each of the six paragraphs should be AT LEAST 250 words.

Assignment is typed and submitted as a Word Document or similar format (if you really want to get crazy, you can include photographs of your Top 6, but that is not required).