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Need in 1 hour!!! Answer the following 2 questions. Write 3 paragraphs (7-10 sentences) for EACH question and follow short essay format for EACH question.

1. Imagine that there is a painting that is a photorealistic depiction of a real-life tropical landscape that an artist painstakingly created that is on display at an art exhibition. Describe and explain one definition of art that would classify the painting as a work of art, then describe and explain another definition that would not classify the painting as art. Be sure to explain the criteria for something being art for both definitions as well as why the painting does/does not qualify.

2. What is the difference between instrumental value and intrinsic value in general? How does Joel Feinberg view the value of art? What about Malcolm Budd? For both philosophers, indicate whether they think the value of art is instrumental or intrinsic. Then, say at least one reason or argument they make in support of their conclusion.