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NSG 4220 Population Health Nursing Week 5 discussionUsing the data from the  Population Health Assessment &

NSG 4220 Population Health Nursing Week 5 discussion

Using the data from the 
Population Health Assessment & Prevention Project , analyze 
Part IV: Prevention Strategies. Select two of the age group categories and briefly discuss the greatest risks to population health. Present the strategy you identified for evidence-based prevention for both of the age groups selected and describe the role of the nurse in prevention. Include the references that you used to support these strategies.

RN to BSN Weekly Discussion Rubric Weeks 1 – 7 (8_19)



Initial Post: Timeliness

10 pts

Initial Post completed by the third day of the week.

Initial Post: Completeness of Discussion Prompt

30 pts

Submitted a complete initial post. Addresses all the following elements:

• Answered all question prompts. • Identified, interpreted, or inferred to the discussion topic being addressed. • Explored and/or explained the topic and how it applied to the discussion forum. • Analyzed the topic being discussed, and applied it to a fact and/or advocated a position or recommendation.

Initial Post: Application of Information Resources

15 pts

Student’s writing is supported with at least one scholarly source in the initial answer post. Examples of scholarly sources are journal articles, assigned readings, textbooks, lectures, course materials, or authoritative websites. Please do not routinely cite outdated (greater than five years old) sources of information.

Initial Post Written Communication

7.5 pts

Posts contain proper spelling and grammar. Student organized the content, the flow was logical and clear, including the use of professional language.


7.5 pts

All sources used in discussion post(s) include properly formatted APA in-text citation(s) and full reference(s). APA style includes 0 – 1 error.

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