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Select the appropriate video multiplexer for a video surveillance system design.


Video multiplexer provides an efficient tool to display a live camera view, or select multiple cameras to display on a multi-screen display, or playback a selected video. Advanced features, including motion detection, non-video alarm sensors, can be incorporated into multiplexer. For large systems, remote distributed multiplexing can be implemented consisting of a number of groups of cameras at different physical locations communicating over Internet and facilitate remote monitoring feature. Selection of video multiplexer type and mode is dependent on the application site, environment and security requirements.


1. Consider that you are designing the video surveillance system for a College with multiple buildings spread over an area including parking lots, gardens and other facilities.

2. Assume that several groups of cameras are to be installed for monitoring different areas and facilities.

3. Determine the type and topology of multiplexer that you want to implement.

4. Describe the transmission system, environmental conditions and security requirements.

5. Justify your selection.

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