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One:  Listen and react to Haunani-Kay Trask. How can we challenge white culture, and imperialism to decolonize the world we live in today? 

Two: The goal of the project

  • Wins and Lessons
  • The goal of this project is to learn about some of the historical and current issues facing the Asian American community
  • Understanding past struggles and the different intersections that Asian Americans have faced in the United States

Who (Hero/Shero)

  • Who are our “Heroes and Sheroes”
  • What backgrounds and experiences did some of the Asian Americans come from?
  • What educational levels? 
  • Socio-economic status in society?
  • ETC

What about this person and experience?

  • What is being fought for?
  • What is being questioned?
  • What actions and accountability are being taken by the person, community, government, etc.?
  • What was the action that was taken by the person and by the system?

Where and When do this movement and activism occur?

  • Where was the location of this struggle?
  • What did we know about the climate of the time in which these actions are taking place?
  • What precedent was established prior to?

Why do we need to know this story and person?

  • What is this person significant in the Asian American experience?
  • Why have you heard of this case?
  • Why have you not heard of this case?
  • Why should future generations know of these Heroes and She-roes?

How does this experience stand the test of time?

  • How were outcomes of the activism measured?
  • How has this person’s legacy and impact shaped the future for both American and the Asian American community?
  • How has this fight continued?
  • How have the lessons of this experience evolved in society as we know it?

Project and Recording

  • Each of the 5 sections is worth 3 points. (15 points total)
  • You will be creating a slide and recording of your presentation via zoom. 
  • Share your screen and talk about a Hero or Shero of your choice

Important Questions to ask when presenting

  1. Why did you pick this person?
  2. What about their story is important and why should it be told?