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 Organizations and individuals must be aware of the vulnerabilities of social engineering and social media. Research the Internet or Strayer Library to find the threats and vulnerabilities of social engineering and social media as well as control measures that organizations and individuals can implement to help control these threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Describe the threats and vulnerabilities of social engineering and social media, including how they are similar and how they are different.
  • Describe the control measures that organizations and individuals need to implement to minimize the vulnerabilities associated with social engineering and social media.

Reply to Grismeldy Rodriguez


Hello professor and class,

The Definition of social engineering is a method use to exploit human errors to obtain private  information, access or valuables in other words these group of people can be call human hackers they tend to lead other to believe that they are someone that they are not in order to have the other party expose data, give access to restricted systems or spreading malware in order to sale this info and have a financial gain, on the other hand social media is just a platform of communication where people can have a sense of community and also keep up with what others are doing, honestly this is what is made to believe about social media, they are similarities, there are several social media platforms that currently require so much personal information about the user that makes me think that they are acting almost as a social engineer in other words why does a platforms like Facebook requires an user to provide sensitive personal info and next thing you noticed you have different types of offers or services being offer to you without you sharing any information with anyone else but the media platform, they do sell this information just like a social engineer would do with the difference that the user willingly and openly provided this data and accepted some terms and conditions they did not fully understand.

One of the control measures that an organization should follow is employee awareness. Consistent training reinforcement regarding social engineering, also for individual some of the steps controls will be not having social media. If you decide that you must have it, then be selective and ensure you are not sharing everything about yourself; if unsure, don’t just sign up; it will be necessary for an individual to do further research.


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