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∙ Introduction 

· Background about the setting, author, etc. 

· Very short plot summary – MAXIMUM 3 sentences 

· Conflict: What the main character wants / needs 

· THESIS Statement: Introduce the MAIN IDEA of the entire paper 

· Body Paragraph 1 

· Topic Sentence – supports THESIS + covers all ideas in paragraph 

· 3 pieces of evidence.  

■ Each piece is 1 moment in the text  

Explanation of evidence 

· Concluding sentence – rephrases Topic Sentence 

· Body Paragraph 2: Same as Body Paragraph 1, but about a DIFFERENT idea  

· Body Paragraph 3 – Same as Body Paragraph 1, but about a DIFFERENT idea 

· Conclusion 

· Summary of main ideas of essay  


∙ Include In-text Citations and Works Cited using MLA format. 

∙ Check your English. Get help from WLC / WriteAway. Use a spelling and grammar check software ∙ Write in a formal academic style. Don’t write: “a bunch of cool stuff”