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Place work into the template attached.
Thoughtful planning when creating units is necessary to ensure that standards are taught in a meaningful and relevant sequence. Unit plans provide content to be taught from several days to several weeks to ensure knowledge mastery of multiple concepts is achieved. Careful planning should include cross-disciplinary lessons in order for students to make necessary connections and engage in the learning process.
Using the “Unit Plan Vision Template, create a five-day English language arts unit plan for your field experience classroom that incorporates creative arts and teaches cross-disciplinary skills. The unit must focus on a single theme such as butterflies, space, etc. Your mentor teacher’s knowledge of developing unit plans can help in developing a vision for a five-day unit plan.
One of the lessons from this unit plan will be implemented in your clinical field experience classroom.
Select English language arts state standards for the grade and theme you have chosen. For your unit plan focus on creating instruction that:
Contains objectives aligned to state English language arts standards.
Uses content-related vocabulary.
Integrates reading, writing, listening, and speaking standards throughout the unit plan vision.
Includes developmentally appropriate instructional activities that incorporate creative arts.
Scaffolds cross-disciplinary skills in varied contexts.
Includes developmentally appropriate assessments that correctly align to English language arts standards and objectives.