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Describe current and historical trends that shape the industry.
Conduct research and provide examples of trends that have affected a company that is struggling to remain profitable.
Create Sales Projections for a new product.
There are many different factors that can contribute to a company’s failure, such as:
Trends and current events
The company’s key resources, activities, and partners
Economies of scale
Ethics and sustainability
Read the following articles:
Brands you love may soon disappear forever
8 Companies that could disappear in 2019
After reading the article about brands that are forecasted to become obsolete soon select one of the companies listed in the articles and create a 9-10 minute self-running presentation with
a voice-over narration
answering the following questions:
List the company name, location, and goods sold. Give a brief history of how the company started and major accomplishments.
Research the factors that put them in this position. Present examples and facts to support your conclusion.
Create 2 products that you would develop to increase revenue.
Who would be your target market for each product?
How would you market each product?
Using the spreadsheet below in the download section, provide the sales projections for your product for the next two years. This will include unit volume, unit price, cost per unit sold. Please provide facts and figures to support your findings.
Conclusion: based on your overall research, why would this idea be worth pursuing?
A 9-10 minute self-running keynote presentation with a voice-over narration.
A minimum of three credible sources is required for this assignment. Please reference them in your submission.
A written script/outline in a word document. (Worth 10 points)
Presentations that are under 9 minutes or exceed 10 minutes will result in a ten-point deduction.
**For this assignment, you should do a minimum of one hour of Full Sail Library research and include at least 3 sources from your research in APA format.