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  Please provide positive comments to each paragraph below, independently. Thanks1-Manualized psychotherapeutic treatment in the context of psychedelic

  Please provide positive comments to each paragraph below, independently. Thanks

1-Manualized psychotherapeutic treatment in the context of psychedelic-assisted therapy includes a series of pre-defined steps and procedures. These steps typically involve a preparatory phase, where therapists establish rapport with clients and prepare them for the psychedelic experience, the administration session itself, and subsequent integration sessions. During the integration phase, therapists assist clients in processing their psychedelic experiences, making sense of any insights or emotions that arose, and applying these insights to their lives (Shore, 2020).

2-The manualization of psychotherapy treatment via the incorporation of psychedelic-assisted therapy involves the integration of preparation and integration sessions, as well as the adoption of a non-directive, non-judgmental, and compassionate method (Cavarra et al., 2022). Utilizing the patient’s inherent healing intelligence, which pertains to their intrinsic ability to repair trauma scars, involves confronting, engaging in mind-body activities, and adopting an aware and accepting attitude towards the internal sensations induced by Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine (MDMA). Therapists should use an empathic methodology while actively engaging in attentive listening to their clients, endeavoring to understand their experiences and draw upon their therapeutic expertise. This viewpoint allows people to see every situation as a chance for personal development and recovery.

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