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Please see attached,
Step C:
Each week, read/watch/research as described above.
By Tudesday of each week, share some written findings with your classmates (you do not have to have completed your entire week’s work by this day; just share whatever you have done by then, but you should hope to post about 700-1000 words).
You then need to comment on your classmates’ work
Watch the film and do one of the following tasks, or combine aspects of both, to write at least 700-1000 words in total.
(A) Choose two scenes, and one from the second half of the film, and another hours and for each scene, do the following.
(1) Give the time of the scene (e.g. 0:37:00 for a scene that starts 37 minutes in) and briefly summarize it (just enough that people know which scene you are talking about).
Add a summary for the movie,