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Please see the attached file Term Paper for assignment instructions.

Write a term paper with the following topic:
Briefly introduce what artificial intelligence (AI) is and describe how AI can empower the firm’s traditional operations, such as production, product design, logistics, and sales, and achieve competitive advantages.
The topic listed above is broad. You can choose specific sub-topics and content for your paper, but the content should be clear and consistent. You should NOT just simply pile irrelevant sentences, paragraphs, figures, and/or tables together. You must clearly state in your paper what you want to talk about and why you want to talk about this topic (i.e., clearly state your objectives and motivations);
Appropriate managerial implications may need to be discussed. You should write the term paper for managers, rather than technicians. If you are working for real businesses, you may use your company as a backdrop to discuss the topic you select;
The paper needs to be professionally formatted with a cover page, page number, and table of content;
The paper needs to be 1.5-line spaced, five (5) to ten (10) pages of text (not include a cover page, table of content, or reference list), all 1” margins, and Time New Roman font with a size of 12;
l Appropriate citations must be included. Inappropriate citations may cause plagiarism, which may result in an “F” for your semester grade and disciplinary actions. Citations and bibliography must be formatted using APA style;