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pls, use the attached paper.
company tata
Explain the role of an ERP in the integration of an organization’s Business Processes
Explain how an ERP facilitates Business Process Management
Demonstrate a working knowledge of an ERP’s business transactions
Demonstrate how an ERP system is used in automating processes to support the following core functions of an organization
Find an article that discusses an ERP implementation. Write a 2 page summary of your article. Be sure to include the following items:
Company – name and information
Business – describe type of business the company does
ERP – which ERP system did the company implement
Was the project considered successful?
Why or why not?
Provide an explanation.
Describe challenges encountered before, during and after the implementation

Describe benefits the company received from the ERP system
Include any other information that you find of interest. Be sure to provide the reference to your article. Refer to the attached rubric for self-assessment.