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Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read A Plea for Reading in College
(Links to an external site.), Why Do We Read?
and Why We Read and Write.
After reviewing the materials above, consider how reading fits into your life.
In at least 250 words, address each bullet point below
What do you like to read? Your first reaction might be that you do not like to read. However, we all do read things on a daily basis. You may not pick up novels on a regular basis, but perhaps you enjoy social media. Of the things you do read, what do you enjoy reading and why? Here are some ideas:
o Novels, biographies, history books, literature
o Facebook posts, tweets, emails, news tickers, Wikipedia entries
o Online magazine articles, print magazines, newspapers
o Comic books, graphic novels, children’s books
o Recipes and cookbooks, letters
Where do you tend to read and how? For instance, do you like to curl up on the couch with a hardcover? Do you read on a tablet or e-reader in coffee shops? Does the way you read change based on what you are reading?
What are some of the reasons you read and why? We read for different reasons. Do you read differently depending on what you are reading? If so, how is it different, and if not, why not?
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