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Preparing Additional WRITTEN PAPER: Additional Questions
· Page Length: 2-3 pages EXCLUDING title page and reference (APA format)
· Answers must be descriptive and comprehensive.
§ Each answer must have 2 complete paragraphs with at least 10 sentences in each paragraph.
§ Must use complete sentences.
· Paper must be written following Paper Format using APA format (Title page, Running head, Page number, Headings, In-text Citation, Full-sentences, and References)
Body Weight and Physical Status
· How does excess body weight affect Five body systems?
§ Describe the mechanisms of extra body weight on each body system.
§ Cardiovascular (CV)System
§ Gastrointestinal (GI) System
§ Musculoskeletal System
§ Endocrine System
§ Immune System
· Must include in-text citations
Barriers and Challenges
· Identify Three barriers and challenges to losing weight in the U.S.
· Describe how and why each identified barrier and challenge affect losing weight?
· Must include in-text citations
Cultural Considerations
· Identify Three different cultures.
· Describe how and why each culture influence weight and weight loss with clients in each culture
· Must include in-text citations
Advice for Mark
· What would you suggest to help Mark achieve a healthy weight?
· Must include in-text citations
PLAGIARISM: “Turnitin” Percentage: Less than 25 percentage: Acceptable Percentage.
· Turnitin Draft Submission Box
§ Submit your draft of paper into Turnitin Draft Submission Box to check your percentage as many times as needed before you submit your final paper to designated Unit.
· If your Final paper has 25
% or higher percentage, you must revise/modify your paper contents BEFORE you submit your paper due date and time.
· If your Final paper has 25
% or higher percentage AT/AFTER you submit your final paper due date and time, Academic Integrity Violation Procedures will be initiated
Academic Integrity Violation Procedure
· Academic Integrity Violation letter will be sent to student
· Assignment Grade will be 0 point
· The violation case will be reviewed and a further sanction will be determined by the Administrators.