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Supporting Lectures

  • IT Acquisition and Implementation (and associated textbook chapters)
  • Process Description and Purpose
  • Goals and Metrics
  • RACI Chart

Preliminary Evaluation of IT Processes

In this phase of your project, relying on the concepts and techniques you covered in the online lectures and in your textbook and based on the IT audit plan you have developed, you will now tackle the evaluation of internal processes for your case study. This week, as part of the final project, you will perform the following tasks:

  • Identify your case study’s IT processes in key areas of the IT/IS lifecycle and describe them according to the major domains.
  • Conduct a preliminary evaluation of internal IT processes, focusing primarily on project management and software development.
  • Refine your balanced scorecard as needed, possibly expanding the IT-related goals and the performance metrics.
  • Create a process RACI chart that maps management practices to their related roles and indicate the levels of responsibility for each role.

Submission Details:

  • Complete this part of the project in approximately 8–12 pages in a