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Read the Free Trade case I uploaded and answer the following 3 questions:

1)According to the case, what are the various reasons why the U.S. and EU should be interested in implementing the Transatlantic Investment Partnership?

2)Identify and explain BRIEFLY five (5) areas in the TTIP that the US and EU possibly disagree but that must be addressed.

3)What is DOHA and describe the “emerging market” and related countries’ major disagreement(s) with the G7. 


1-2 pages per question, so probably 4.5 pages in total

OUTLINE Format !!!!!!!! 

BULLET POINT, DOUBLE-SPACED !!! just bullet point, no paragraphs


Long-winded/ fuzzy answers will be marked down

ANSWER THE QUESTIONS (read carefully!!!!!!!! Repeat the question and then answer)

NO external resource, GET THE ANSWER FROM THE CASE ONLY!!!!!!

Use the data if there has the data in the case