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Research engagement points can be earned by reading and reviewing the PDF journal articles posted below. Each PDF is labeled with the corresponding number of hours it is worth as well as the chapter(s) it relates to. To upload your papers, submit Article Summaries here (both required & Extra Credit).
Write between 500-1000 word essay style summary and critique of the article.
Describe the methods, the results, the discussion/conclusion, identify the independent & dependent variables, and you should relate the article to your life.
Use Times New Roman, font size 12, double-space, 1-inch margins.
* You may submit each article in a separate file or have them all in one file.
1 hr_Consciousness & Learning _Episodic memories during sleep; long-term effects of retrieval practice-1.pdf
1 hr_Memory & Thinking_Attentional Limitations in Multitasking-1.pdf
1 hr_Neuroscience & Development_Exposure to Drugs and Alcohol-1.pdf
1 hr_Sensation & Perception_Efficient Navigation and Movement-1.pdf
1 hr_Sensation & Perception_Imperceptibly Off-Center Goalkeepers Influence Penalty-Kick Direction in Soccer-1.pdf
1 hr_Thinking_Border Bias Oregon Earthquakes-1.pdf
1 hr_Thinkning_Quick Thinkers Are Smooth Talkers; Mental Speed Facilitates Charisma-1.pdf