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Yes, I think that the government should allow genetically engineered foods because studies have been done, but there was never a negative outcome.
Some foods that have GMO in them are corn, soybeans, canola, sugar, and potatoes. Although some of those foods have been said to have added hidden allergies in their foods such as adding Brazilin Nuts into soybeans, once it was discovered, it was quickly taken out. Another concern was that some people were scared to eat food with added genes because they may affect your DNA and cancers are caused by DNA mutations. This study was done on mice, but never humans. According to the American Cancer Society, there is no human research that ties genetically modified food to cancer.
With that being said, some of the advantages of human consumption are the food is more nutritious, its taste better, less use of pesticides, as well as the food has more desirable traits. Advances in agriculture is that faster growth of plants and animals, increased food supply with reduced cost and longer self life as well.