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Review the following lectures:

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Respond to one of the discussion questions below:

Question One:

  • Managers approach a job with their own style of knowledge and task. If managers are unethical or conduct themselves in an unethical manner, morale becomes an issue in the department and workplace and performance levels diminish.
    • What are (if any) the protection options for the employees under any legal guidelines in today’s workplace to “whistle-blow” on unethical behavior?
    • Consider the multiple aspects of what may or may not occur during these events when the “whistle-blower” initiates this action to leadership.

Questions Two:

  • HR managers in a small business wear many hats and need to have a keen work knowledge of all facets of the business. As the HR manager, you are tasked with designing a company policy manual for the CEO:
    • Select and discuss one item from what you have learned in this course and justify why it’s the most important element of the manual.
    • From your experience, which policy does not make sense (or lacks value) and would not be included in the policy manual? 

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