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Risk Management is an essential component of every healthcare organization. It is another component of the healthcare system that requires collaboration with the Quality Director/Manager in order to facilitate the identification of opportunities for improvement. The key is to proactively identify potential areas of concern (Failure Modes Affect Analysis is a helpful tool) prior to a negative event occurring. rather than waiting for something to occur and having to conduct a Root cause Analysis (RCA)> Additionally, It is a very litigious society in which healthcare related errors present a high-risk for exposure.

  1. Please develop two situations/incidents in any type of healthcare arena that could potentially result in a litigation.
  2. Describe what occurred and how.
  3. How would you respond to the patient and/or family members?
  4. Is there is any way to mitigate the situation?
  5. How or what interventions could you implement to prevent this scenario from reoccurring?