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  • Select a research article that is related to your practice, and critique the research study pre-approved by the professor. Answer all questions that apply to the quantitative and/or qualitative study and define/explain all terms.  The paper must be in a narrative form in APA format and include a title and a reference page.
  • The article must be submitted in .pdf to the assignment dropbox along with the paper,  If not submitted points will be deducted. 
  • When doing a research critique, it is acceptable to put the reference for the article on the bottom of the title page.  Do not cite the article within the body of the paper.  All other resources (such as the research textbooks) must be cited and referenced as usual.

l. Statement of the Problem:

  • Is the problem clearly and concisely stated?
  • Is the problem stated in terms, which are specific and narrow enough to study?
  • How is the problem important or significant for nursing practice?

II. Research Questions and Hypotheses:

  • Are the hypotheses stated clearly?
  • Do they contain a dependent and independent variable? If so, identify them.
  • Do the hypotheses predict a relationship between two or more variables?

III. Review of Literature:

  • Does the review have a significant amount of recent work?
  • Does the review of the literature provide supporting evidence to show the need for carrying out the research?
  • Are documentation and selection of sources appropriate?
  • Is the review well organized?
  • Does the article describe a theoretical or conceptual framework? If not, should one have been included?