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SOCI 250: Introduction to Sociological Theory

Quote Integration Assignment

10 marks 

Due Date: 19 January @ 23:59


This is a short assignment that asks you to develop your citation skills beyond proper formatting. This part asks you to find a relevant quote from different sections of the Immanuel Kant reading assigned for week 1 along with the podcast on the Enlightenment. 

Each answer will be graded for all of the following:

1. A proper introduction to the quote using the author’s first and last name on your first quote, and last name only on each quote after that. Your introduction should also use one of the following introductory words: states, claims, asserts, agrees, comments, suggests, observes, contends, explains, believes, proposes, argues, concludes, or notes. The proper format would be:

a. Immanuel Kant argues, “X….” (45).

2. An explanation of the meaning of the quote in your own words. This shows the reader that you know what it means and helps the reader to understand by rephrasing what was said. You will also define any key terms that she uses in your explanation. 

3. A discussion of why the quote is important. Why should we care? 

Each of the above points should be developed in a minimum of one sentence per point. 

1. What impact to guardians have (50) on “man’s” ability to think? 

2. What possibility does Kant see for regular people/the masses to educate themselves (51)?

3. What does it mean to make “public use” of reason (51)?

4. Should a citizen obey the rules as set out by the government (51-2)? 

5. Where does a citizen make use of their freedom and duty as a citizen (52)?