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 Some bacteria that infect humans have become resistant to antibiotics that are used to treat the infections. (Here is a link to a scholarly article, but you do not need to read it for this engagement forum activity, When researchers are trying to figure out how to overcome this problem, they often look to natural systems to find the answers. 

For this assignment:
1. Read through this article on Komodo dragons: This article goes into a lot more detail than what we are covering in class, so you can skip over the parts that cover topics we did not cover in class.

2. Answer the following questions in a reply to this post. You will be able to see other posts after you post your own reply. Keep your answers brief.

a. What is one reason that researchers are studying Komodo dragons to learn about antibiotic resistance?
b. What kind of molecules are AMPS?
c. In what situation is the synthetic AMP called DRGN-1 being tested? 
d. What is something you learned from this article you did not know before?