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Specifically, in this assignment, you will submit the Project One elements listed below for review by your instructor. In Module Two: Exploring Social Science Issues (Continued), learning block 2-2 (page 4), you began working on the following section of the prompt: I. Introduction A. Describe the issue in the social sciences that you have selected to investigate. Why is this issue significant? In Module Two: Exploring Social Science Issues (Continued), learning block 2-3 (page 2), you completed the following work: II. Body A. Identify the social science principles that apply to your issue. In other words, which principles of social science apply to the issue you selected? B. Explain how the principles you identified apply to your issue. In other words, how are the social science principles you identified relevant to your issue? 


Some of the compulsory elements were omitted. I hope you will take all feedback provided in the rubric and use it to strengthen your next progress check. This is a great topic, but you need to take a closer look at the instructions/guidelines. The social science principles should be clearly identified and explained in detail. (The social science principles of interest in this course are social roles, social norms, social institutions, and beliefs and values.) You also need to incorporate your research and cite your sources.

I would like to extend the opportunity to you to resubmit this assignment. If you follow the guidelines, this would greatly improve your grade.

I really look forward to seeing where your investigation takes you on this topic. Let me know if you have any questions along the way as you strive to modify and strengthen your paper. And please be sure to open the rubric to see my comments.

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