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Students will complete a research project pertinent to issues in case management knowledge and skills. The project should include an analysis/summary of the topic, a detailed analysis of case management intervention strategies (3 to 5 typed pages), and a detailed bibliography citing all sources. A variety of research methods and resources can be utilized, including interviews with community agency staff, and visits to area agencies. There is a minimum of 5 sources required. Students should also be prepared to share summaries of their project with the class. The paper should be in proper APA format.


Client Empowerment Within the Case Management Process

Advocacy Within the Case Management Process

Managed Care and Case Management

Case Managers as Service Coordinator

Ethical and Legal Issues for Effective Case Management

Make sure you follow the levels of achievement 

Introduction, faith integration, and conclusion

25 points

Student provides a clear introduction/ description with explanation about value of their chosen case management intervention. Student provides clear discussion about faith integration, including verse(s) from Scripture. Student provides clear conclusion, including personal reflections about how this intervention will be implemented in their personal professional practice area

Analysis of case management intervention strategy 

100 points

Student thoroughly discusses the various theories of human services. All theories are included, and examples are provided. Discussion is clear and detailed.

Research methods utilized, including interviews with community agency staff, and visits to area agencies.

50 points

Student thoroughly discusses their chosen case management strategies. Examples are provided. Student demonstrates how this applies to their chosen area through interviews and visits with community agencies. Discussion is clear and detailed.

Structure, Format, Grammar, Style


25 points

APA style/formatting is used consistently throughout the presentation with minimal to no errors. Five peer-reviewed references are cited appropriately in APA style. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are congruent with APA style. The reference page is consistent with APA style. Minimum of 5 sources used.