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Tell the Women Were Going
After the Denim
So Much Water, So Close to Home
The Third Thing That Killed My Father Off
Plot/Structure – Describe the plot of the story. Avoid making comments or interpretations about behavior and actions by the characters, just stick with describing what happens in the story. Are there other stories you know of that is similar to the plot of this story?
Point of View – Who is telling this story, a first person or third person narrator? How would you characterize this narrator?
Characters – List and describe the primary characters of the story. Focus on specific details about each character, such as certain behaviors and/or things they say.
Setting – What did you find unique or interesting about the setting of this story? What caught your attention?
How does the setting add to the story?
Imagery – Were there images or symbols in the story that appears repeatedly? Do you think there is any significance or importance to the repeated image?
Theme – With regards to the topic of love and relationships, what do you think this story is saying about love and relationships?