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The assignment is a critique of Lennick & Kiel’s book, Moral Intelligence, Enhancing Business Performance & Leadership Success. This assignment is related to Social Science. Attached is the pdf version of the book for reference.
Notes: You need to use the
Graduate Level Writing – Style and Style Guides
Specific style requirements vary from discipline to discipline, so be sure to familiarize yourself with your discipline’s style guide (e.g., APA or MLA). Style guides standardize the use of language within disciplines to help scholars focus on content. Some disciplines have very specific recommendations of usage. For example, some fields prefer person-first language, emphasizing that disability, hardship, or trauma are only an aspect of a person. While a distinct style and voice are not only appropriate but essential for some disciplines, for others they are inappropriate and unprofessional. In general, your style should not call attention to itself.
Be sure:
1. Your paper is no more than THREE pages of content, not including the cover page
2. Your paper is double spaced and use the APA style to organize your submission,
3. There is a running title on each page, and
4. Pages are numbers.