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The Assignment

You will create activity plans that cover a wide variety of curriculum topics. . You will have a total of 2 plans to submit.  You will choose 2 of the following: a music plan for Infants, an art plan for Toddlers, a math plan for Younger Preschoolers or a language/literacy plan for Older Preschoolers. (Page 5 in NC FELD lists age periods)

For each plan list the following:


1.Type of plan: Art

2.Age Range: Toddlers

3.NC FELD Domain and Subdomain: Approaches to Play and Learning,  Attentiveness, Effort and Persistence

4. Goal: APL-7: Children demonstrate initiative

5. Developmental Indicator:Show and or tell others what they have done. APL7g

6. Activity: Discuss in detail an age appropriate activity you would do with the children.  (minimum of 7 sentences) For your activity, consider the following: 

When/where will this take place: small group? centers? outdoors?

What will your role be as the facilitator?  what will you do with the child/children?

What will the child be doing during this hands on activity?

What prior knowledge will the child need to have? what prior knowledge would you have discussed?

What open ended questions will you ask?


How will you assess the activity/children? How will you document the children’s progress in meeting the indicator you chose to focus on in the activity?  (Examples include: Anecdotal notes, pictures, videos, voice recordings, work samples, checklists, but  NO TESTS!) Your method of assessment should be pulled from our text

What will you look for in order to know if the children understood and mastered the concept?

What is the expected outcome?

****Be sure the assessment method you choose matches the indicator you have chosen. While taking pictures of a child cutting will document a child’s scissor skills, you can’t take a picture of a child asking for a turn. You will have to document this with anecdotal notes or a voice recording. Be sure to include WHAT you are looking for when you assess the child!

8. Family Involvement

Think of ways that children’s families could be involved in the activity, how they might do this activity (or something similar) at home, or at the very least, how you will let them know that their child participated in the activity and what they learned from doing it. Suggest 3 opportunities, for each activity, for families to observe/participate with children working on this standard in the home environment (can be natural activities or routines such as meals, bed time routines, etc, or planned activities they do with their children). List how families can share their assessment of their children’s progress with the teacher.

Grading Criteria 

20 points- Two age appropriate activity plans included for the learning areas specified. 

20 points- All categories are included on the plan (type of plan, age of child(ren), domain, subdomain, goal, developmental indicator, description, assessment, family involvement) 

20 points (10 points per activity)- Domain, subdomain, goal, developmental indicators identified are supported by the activity 

20 points (10 points per activity)- Activity descriptions are detailed and clear

10 Points- Measurable Assessment is noted for each activity

10 Points- Family Involvement methods are discussed for each activity