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The first video below, produced by the editor of the New York Times editorial section, takes viewers through an exploration of op-ed pieces as an introduction to the genre.  The second video you will watch that explains the history and purpose of opinionated editorials by examining the New York Times and is narrated by a high school librarian.

You will watch these videos today and take some notes as you watch.  What should you notice?

  1. (Links to an external site.)
  2. OP-ED? What's that (Links to an external site.)OP-ED? What's that
  • What is the purpose of an editorial? What are the two types?
  • What is an editorial board? What do they do?
  • Who writes editorials? What do people write about?  What conversations (unending, substantive topics) are people talking about? 
  • Do editorials include research? Why?
  • What writing advice does he provide? How is the advice helpful and how does it align to what you’re learned about registers?
  • What does he suggest about publishing?
  • Write a reflect that answers these questions as your blog post response to part 1.